At Moore, pre-construction services provide the solid foundation on which every project is built. Through our tested process we ensure that all parties involved understand their roles and as a client, you maximize your time and investment.

Feasibility Services

Budget Development—Ranges from early cost analysis to establishing and identifying construction costs/value

Scope & Constructability Reviews—Consists of pre-design meeting and/or site survey to identify project scope and special requirements

Historical Cost / Manhour Comparisons—Provides historical construction cost and manhour data to aid in the pre-planning/feasibility study

Plan Review—Aids design team with current materials, construction practices, means and methods prior to design

Due Diligences Checklist—Guides the design team with a comprehensive list of questions necessary to aid in preparing documents for construction


Cost Analysis

Cost Updates—Monitors design, material, labor and equipment cost during design develop phases through final completion; also aids in early detection of feasibility

Scope Letters/Tabulations—Ensures that each subcontractor/vendor provides a complete and comprehensive scope of work as well as an “apples to apples” evaluation

Open Book Cost Analysis (Variance Reports)—Provides the owner’s project manager/representative a transparent cost analysis


Pre Project Planning and Coordination

Pre-Scheduling—Develops early construction activities, logic, coordination and identifies early material procurement

Design Coordination Meetings—Identifies key personnel, design build partners and all project stakeholders

Project Integration—A turnover process that provides a smooth transition from project design, to construction, to completion

Early Site Assessments—Provides an overview of construction site requirements and restraints, site layout and a logistics plan prior to project mobilization

Subcontractor and Vendor Selection — Qualifies specialty contractors and vendors to assure they meet facility entry, safety and quality requirements.


Early Procurement

Long Lead Items—Identifies all “long-lead” items and aids the project team with delivery dates for early orders as required to meet project schedule

Permit/Approval Drawing—Allows early integration of third-party design with architectural, structural & MEP design

Preliminary Material Samples—Aids the design team with material availability, colors, design and cost prior to selection

Product Data—Aids early material selection and provides technical data for construction documents

EPC / Design-Build

Moore Industries’ design team can work with your team to integrate the design and construction phases of a project. Our experienced team can be involved as early as the conceptual design process through project completion. Working together, we can help streamline the process and improve communication, which ultimately leads to quality enhancement, and significant savings of both time and money.


We specialize in construction projects within the confines of industrial facilities having spent over three decades working on everything from small operator shelters to the largest buildings constructed in a plant. In addition, we specialize in blast resistant buildings, and have constructed more facilities of this type than anyone in the region. Moore Industries self-performs almost all of our work scopes; steel erection, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. which gives us total control on the most technical and critical portions of a project. We try to never be at the mercy of a subcontractor and can provide a more cost-effective product for the client. When specialty subcontractors are required, Moore being in business for over thirty-years has built long relationships with the area’s top industrial subcontractors. In offering design capabilities, we can respond quicker should there be any service issues during and after warranty. Moore also possesses the deep resources to staff almost any job. Our entire team understands the importance of maintaining schedules, but we are also experienced enough and flexible enough to work closely with clients if there are changes.


Moore’s Services Division provides single point of contact for maintenance and repair work involving industrial buildings. Moore Services direct-hires HVAC, plumbing and electrical personnel and has relationships with specialty services companies to perform and manage all of your building maintenance requirements. Both our personnel and these specialty companies posses the proper credentials to gain stress-free entry into your industrial process facility. This experienced team can also utilize our design build capabilities to offer seamless service to our customers. Moore Services also provides a variety of preventive maintenance solutions to ensure the proper operation and preservation of your building investment. A preventive maintenance plan can help minimize operating costs, extend the life of equipment, minimize emergencies, and provide peace of mind.